What's New at Raven's Nest?


Asbestos Surveys - Service Available NOW!

Well, it's finally happened.  As of September 1st 2018, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has enabled new rules that affect all of us in the construction industry, and a significant population of home owners as well.

What this all boils down to is that construction demolition/debris from houses built prior to 2004, for the most part, needs to have been tested for asbestos.  "Asbestos?" I hear you asking in the same way we imagine dogs asking things when they tilt their heads.  Yes, asbestos.  That fun life saving material that for the better part of 30 years has been associated with ambulance chasing legal ads and a terrifying form of cancer.

Let's be clear, these new regulations do not prevent anyone from working on a home or a building.  It merely prevents anyone from disposing of the debris generated from working on a home or a building.  In order to dispose of debris contractors have to fill out a form at the dump locations stating the address from which the debris originated, the home owner's contact information, our own contact information, and if the debris is from a home built prior to 2004, a certificate stating that the debris does not contain asbestos.  However, the work can still technically be performed with or without a survey having been performed.

Who can test for asbestos you may be asking yourself.  Well, as a home owner, you can.  You have every right to collect samples from you own home and send them to one of the FEW labs that will test for asbestos.  As contractors, we need a unique certification to perform the same series of actions.  Without having this certification, we are legally unable to collect samples and have them tested.  Given these new requirements, as a group, we have decided to not allow these requirements alter out ability to perform work in a timely manner.

In the near future, one of the Raven's will be attending a training class that will allow Raven Services Group, LLC to collect potential asbestos containing material samples.  We will only be able to offer these services on the coast for the time being.  Sorry Portland!

We will be offering these services to both our customers, as well as to other contractors.  We are attempting to overcome these new regulations legally and efficiently.  There will be unavoidable delays of several days for certain project types, but we are doing everything in our power to keep everyone's projects moving forward!